About the Barrel

The Reek Barrel

The Reek Barrel Crew is a collective of people, some coming on and off the bus. Ovide Mazerole is the Driver of the Barrel Spinning Rope Dart and Poi. Kyle Scott catches the attention of the audience with his loud voice, contact, eating and breathing fire. He likes to wield the scythe and the staff. Eric Boecker (the German) has mastered the staff but wanted to take it one step further and blow your mind on the double short staffs. K-la Stewart twirls in the fire hula-hoop and rope-dart. Ninja Nolan will battle to the death with his sword work and contact staff. Riley Gilchrist defies gravity on the Devil Sticks. Eric the Great, has recently started spinning with the group, and has taken up the staff. The Reek Barrel Crew Hope to continue performing throughout the winter months, but would love to be performing full time in the spring of 2011! If you would like to Hire the Reek Barrel for a party or event contact us @ reekbarrel@gmail.com